Täydentävät terveysnäkemykset

Täydentävät terveysnäkemykset


Peter Heusser:
"Kehittyvä ihmiskuva ja tiede"

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Use of complementary and alternative medicine in Europe: Health-related and sociodemographic determinants.
Laura M. Kemppainen, Teemu T. Kemppainen, Jutta A. Reippainen, Suvi T. Salmenniemi, Pia H. Vuolanto. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health 2017: 1–8
...The aim of this research was to study health-related and sociodemographic determinants of the use of different complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments in Europe and differences in CAM use in various European countries. Conclusions: Help-seeking differed according to the health problem, something that should be acknowledged by clinical professionals to ensure safe care. The findings also point towards possible socioeconomic inequalities in health service use.… lue lisää